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Newton 3 reviewed by Rocketstock

Here’s a review of Newton 3 by Lewis McGregor

He’s conclusion:

To some extent, Newton 3 reminds me of an open-world video game where the player’s choices can alter what will happen at any given time. While there’s usually a direct start and endpoint for many effects within After Effects, with Newton 3, you can obtain a new result, and thus a new animation, on an infinite scale. I don’t try to be stubborn with my reviews, but I most definitely won’t gloss over the downfalls of a product.

But with Newton 3? I’m just not seeing it. To import several shapes, apply real-world physic simulations with a click of a button, and then render them within a few seconds is a game changer for me. I can’t picture when I wouldn’t use this plugin for most future animations. I’ve had Newton bookmarked for so long that the original bookmark refers to the older version of the plugin. I can only wonder how great my previous videos could have been if I had purchased the plugin sooner.

You can read the full review here:

Lewis also did a great tutorial: “10 Minute Crash Course: Newton 3 After Effects Plugin” of Premiumbeat.

Catalina update

We are happy to announce you that our products are now fully compatible with MacOS Catalina 10.15

New versions for Newton 3, ConnectLayersPRO, Pastiche and LayerGenerators are available at aescripts



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This will send you to our partner aescripts + aeplugins.

An After Effects plug-in to produce creative layer collages.

“A pastiche is an artwork that copies the style of another work or that combines various, distinct styles together into one work.”





PASTICHE needs two things to do its magic:
A source layer to define the shape of the collage
and a bunch of layers to be placed inside that shape.




You can choose among various options to customize
the look of the collage.
Possibilities are endless!



PASTICHE provides intuitive controllers
to fine tune the position, scale, rotation
and opacity of the collage layers.



If the source layer changes over time,
PASTICHE is able to animate the layers
so they morph from one collage to another.
Again, many animation parameters are available.



PASTICHE is also a great companion
for our physics engine Newton

Main Features

Fast and robust
Handles hundreds of layers with ease

Intuitive parameters

There’s nothing like this!

Only manipulates Transform of comp layers
Everything produced by Pastiche can be modified by hand a posteriori

Animation mode
Create neverseen before animation


Pastiche comes with a free version of our tool LayerGenerators

Get LayerGenerators for free when you buy Pastiche. Discount added in cart, must be purchased at same time.
Or if you already purchased Pastiche, you can get it for free on the product page.


Standard version




off the normal prices

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Trial version of Pastiche is limited to 25 layers. Full version has no limitation.


Link to documentation


Polyline creates colorful and fully controllable polygonal lines (this is nerd talk for straight lines) that can be animated in After Effects’ real 3D space. This means they can easily weave between your other 3D layers without any fancy comping necessary.  After the polyline is created it can be easily edited. You can edit where it travels in space as well as the color and texture of each segment of the line (or the whole path at once).

Now Apple Silicon M1 compatible and “Name your own price”.

Please Note:  This product has been discontinued. We do not provide support for it anymore.

Polyline constructs a rigged 3D polyline from the motion path of a layer.
Polyline creates a straight segment between each pair of consecutive keyframes.
Segments are precomp layers controlled by expressions (position, scale and orientation).
They are connected to each other using a corner pin effect and powerful expressions.
Polyline also creates null layers at each corner of the path, so you can dynamically modify the polyline by moving the nulls in 3D space. As each segment is a slice of a path precomp, you can easily change the appearence of the polyline by modifying each segment individually or the whole path at once.

Polyline interface provides a set options allowing you to control the width of the polyline, choose one the color themes, create closed polyline, and more!
Thanks to the null objects, you can also animate the segments very easily.


  • The total length of a polyline cannot exceed the maximum size of a composition, i.e., 30,000px.
  • Some display issues sometimes appear with the built-in corner pin effects used by Polyline (Corner Pin and CC Power Pin).
  • Some motion paths yield degenerate cases for which a nice polyline cannot be constructed (for instance, a chain of orthogonal segments in x, y, then z plane).
  • Modifying segments rotation can sometimes show important texture deformation.

Note on the trial version: The trial version is fully functional except that the number of segments is limited to 3, and the Closed Path option is grayed out.


Standard version

$49.99 Now free!


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This product has been discontinued.
We do not provide support for it anymore.


Link to documentation