Newton 4

The 2D physics engine for Adobe After Effects

Newton 4, the 2D physics engine for Adobe Effect

Unleash realistic physics in After Effects with Newton4, transforming 2D layers into authentic simulations of real-world objects.

Fine-tune object dynamics—density, friction, bounce, and more—and adjust global forces like gravity for comprehensive control. Featuring an extensive suite of systems including customizable joints, Waterlike buoyancy, Triggermatic interactions, Teleportation, and more.

Newton4 enables you to construct intricate rigs that respond with lifelike accuracy, all while maintaining the flexibility of editable keyframes for post-simulation tweaks. Newton only creates keyframes!

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Try Newton 4 for free !

Newton 4 for free with full functionality, limited only by a 25-frame export restriction. Download and discover its capabilities today!

Tutorial for Newton 4

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