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Pano 360

Pano 360

(tamschick media+space, juillet 2014)

We developed a script that creates a 360° panoramic view of the selected composition.

The tool provides a panel with several options including the ability to specify the number of cameras in the rig, to create a fade in/out effect based on camera distance, and to turn Y auto-orient on or off.


More info on the page of the project.

3D Options

This After Effects script displays a palette that allows you to quickly modify the Geometry and Material options of the selected layers. If you want the panel to be dockable, place it into ScriptUI Panels folder.


  • Select some 3D layers.
  • Execute the script and modify parameters.

3D Options


Cloth Simulation Test

Cloth simulation test done with AE scripting and expressions.

  • particles (little circles) are setup on a grid
  • particles are connected with springs
  • force is applied
  • finally layers are created at center of each cell, with expression-driven orientation and corner pin to fit the cell


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