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An After Effects plug-in to produce creative layer collages.

“A pastiche is an artwork that copies the style of another work or that combines various, distinct styles together into one work.”


What’s new in version 2?


New distribution method that pushes the layers towards the darkest or the most opaque areas.
Allows a more regular and natural distribution of the layers on the collage.
You can choose between 2 modes: based on alpha or luminance.
You can control the precision of the distribution to fine tune the regularity of the collage.

Apply Color

You can now set the color (fill, outline or both) of your shape layers depending on your source!
You can also apply colors randomly or a predefined color. You will be able to create totally incredible animations thanks to this.


Make your animations loop have never been so simple!
Just set the new Use First Value option in every Transform parameter and let Pastiche2 do the work for you.

New animation styles!

We added two new spatial interpolation methods:
-Step will forces the layers to move along the horizontal and vertical axes
-Elastic will add elasticity to the motion.

You can use any type of layers even if they are animated!

Change colors of shape layers while they are animated (here with Newton 3)

Create complex animation in a few clicks!




PASTICHE needs two things to do its magic:
A source layer to define the shape of the collage
and a bunch of layers to be placed inside that shape.




You can choose among various options to customize
the look of the collage.
Possibilities are endless!

Plugin interface of Pastiche2



PASTICHE provides intuitive controllers
to fine tune the position, scale, rotation
and opacity of the collage layers.



If the source layer changes over time,
PASTICHE is able to animate the layers
so they morph from one collage to another.
Again, many animation parameters are available.



PASTICHE is also a great companion
for our physics engine Newton

Main Features

Fast and robust
Handles hundreds of layers with ease

Intuitive parameters

There’s nothing like this!

Only manipulates Transform of comp layers
Everything produced by Pastiche can be modified by hand a posteriori

Animation mode
Create neverseen before animation


Pastiche comes with a free version of our tool LayerGenerators

Get LayerGenerators for free when you buy Pastiche. Discount added in cart, must be purchased at same time.
Or if you already purchased Pastiche, you can get it for free on the product page.


If you import a project made with Pastiche 1, the values selected in the Transform > Position/Scale/Rotation/Opacity drop-down lists may differ from the values saved in the old project. Since we added new options to each list (ordered alphabetically), item indices in the new version don’t necessarily match indices in the previous version. All other parameters are handled correctly.

Upgrade Notice

If you own Pastiche1 you can upgrade for free if you purchase it after Dec 13, 2020, otherwise you can upgrade for $30. Simply login to the same account and the discount price will be automatically shown. If you need any assistance please open a support request.


Standard version





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Trial version of Pastiche is limited to 25 layers. Full version has no limitation.

Quick Start

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