Easily add a box behind your text layer.

This free script creates a rectangular shape behind every selected text layer. You can add padding, roundness and set the box color or add a random one.



Select some text layers
Click on Create
Compatibility : After Effects CS5, CS6, CC

Free material license

These scripts are copyrighted by Motion Boutique.
They are free for personal and commercial use but come “as is” with no warranty nor any free personal support.
Redistribution in any form is not allowed, instead always link to www.motionboutique.com for correct files.
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38 thoughts on “TextBox”

  1. Very cool but I still trying to figure out how you guys got the dotted lines around the box as well as the one style in the video with the boxes w varying opacities

  2. I selected my text and I press on the Textbox script, its says: unable to execute script at line … .. folder or file does not exist ??? What do I wrong?

        1. I went to file in After Effects, scrolled down to scripts, click that to run a script and then select the script I wanted. It opens up. While it would not embed in After Effects, it was still usable.

          1. Hey guys – tried “run script,” and I still get the same error message – “unable to execute script at line 54. File or folder does not exist.” I’d love to use this script. Anyone know how to make this work!?

      1. Please tell us how you fixed that error.. especially if it is the same as the “unable to execute script at line 54.”

  3. I love this, but need to match the color signature for the background from a colleague… There is no eyedropper function. Any chance of an update or inclusion.

      1. I was actually directed to go in and use the grayscale / RGB area and put in the numbers directly. There is not an eyedropper in After Effects per se. I found the color coordinates by first applying a color overlay and then using the eye dropper in the overlay section to show me the color coordinates. Any way, I do love it.

        1. You can just create it in any color, and then change the color of the shape layer it creates. Thats the best way to match colors.

  4. Doesn’t seem to work if you use keyframes to change the text.
    Unless this is just my problem? Any work arounds for this? 🙂

  5. I also get Unable to execute script at line 54. File and folder does not exist. Anyway to fix this?

  6. I can’t seem to make it work on CS6, i got this error :”Unable to execute script at line 54, File or folder does not exist” Please advice !

  7. The fix for “unable to execute script at line 54. File or folder does not exist.” is simply to place the FULL FOLDER that opens from the zip file in the AE scripts folder, rather than just the JSX file.

  8. Hello,
    I’m trying to use TextBox on AfterEffects CC, but I can’t find the Panel. I put the folder “TextBox_1.4” in the “Scripts” folder but where are we supposed to find the “TextBox” Panel in the AfterEffects? In “Window” menu I can’t find it… 🙁 Thanks in advance

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