An evolutive set of simple native tools for Adobe After Effects.
They do what’s described in their description and nothing else.

Select Same Properties

Select the same property in every layer of your composition

It is the missing feature of the Search box in the timeline of After Effects.
You select a property (for instance the Fill Color of a shapelayer), and this command (placed in the Layer menu) will search and select every similar property found in the composition. Magic.

Color Palette

Generate the representative colors of an image

This plugin displays a band of the representative colors of your source layer.
Colors are also added to color pickers in the plug-in’s interface so you can link them using expressions. Dope.


Duplicate a layer multiple times

When creating setups for our tools like Pastiche or Newton, we often duplicate things (“I want 800 circular shapes right now!”). The Select All – Copy – Paste sequence has come to an end.
This command in the Layer menu allows you to duplicate the selected layer X number of times. Lightning fast.

Paste Image

Paste an image from your clipboard directly to your composition

Sometimes you just want to copy/paste an image in your timeline without importing it.
This will make your dream comes true. A command in the Edit menu that enables you to paste an image from your clipboard directly to your composition.
You can also set the location where images will be saved. Yeah.

APNG Export

Render Animated PNG file directly from AE

Gifs are great. APNGs are better.
APNG files support 24-bit colors and 8-bit transparency.
Now you can render APNG directly from your render queue. Boom.

More to come…