Images Wall

This After Effects script distributes the contents of the selected folder on a grid. It also allows you to control the transition between cells.


Select a folder in the project panel.
Execute the script and adjust parameters (#rows,#cols,transition).
Click on Create.





5 thoughts on “Images Wall”

  1. I’ve had a few projects that required an image/video wall before but this script would have sure made things a lot easier. Thanks

  2. Very cool. Is it possible to have each tile be a unique image? I’m using many images, but it’s repeating the same images in multiple tiles.

    1. I think maybe you should try Gridder script; look for it on AEScripts…sorry for plugging some one else’s script on your site guys but I suffered for so long looking for a solution to this question…

  3. I’ve got 33 images in the folder, and yet only 3 or 4 ever get used. I’ve tried a whole bunch of combinations of settings but I can’t get a simple grid of 6 rows 3 columns to show all different images. What am I doing wrong?

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