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While browsing one of the Adobe Community forums to get info on Illustrator scripting, I came across this post and immediately thought it would be cool to port his script to After Effects. Gears are great shapes that can be used in various situations, but they are even better when you can animate them…

Create Gear panel

Note: There is an AE shape preset called Gear, but it uses 3 Polystars, 1 Ellipse and 3 Merge Path to create the gear (which makes adjustments more difficult).


Activate a comp
Click on Create

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5 thoughts on “Create Gear”

  1. Very nice, I like your animation with that sound. I think it will perfectly help as an addition to Iexpressions “cog wheels”. Thanks, great script. Newton not only Rulez! It’s also after effects in a higher gear.

  2. how to activate comp to use create gear? is it free? я скачал скрипт но он не работает, не знаю как его установить.

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