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Animate a Snow Globe

Matthew contacted us asking this:

“Hi there, I have a job coming up where I need to animate a snow globe that shakes. I’m thinking it would be cool to have actual snow moving around inside the glass and I’m thinking Newton would be a great solution for this.”

And here’s our answer…

A 5 parts tutorial covering a wide range of use of our tools including Newton3, Pastiche, ConnectLayersPRO and DUiK.

In this tutorials we’ll show you:

  • How to setup correctly a scene in Newton3
  • How to add a shortcut inside After Effects to quickly launch Newton3
  • Use joints to make a tree jiggle.
  • Link the bulbs and animate them according to the animation of the tree.
  • Use ConnectLayersPRO to create and animate the tinsels.
  • Use Newton3  to animate the gifts and link the animation to create soft bodies for the ribbons using DUiK and the puppet tool.
  • Create the snow flakes using Pastiche and animate them using Newton3.

Get the Adobe After Effects file project that include the illustration !

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Tutorial: Paper Drop

In this tutorial for Adobe After Effects, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, Newton3, ConnectLayersPRO and the Cinema4D render engine to create something similar to a piece of paper falling on the ground.

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Tutorial: Creating Soft Body Dynamics with Newton inside After Effects

Step by step tutorial on how to create soft body dynamics with newton inside after effects.

by Quadralimit

UPDATE: You don’t necessarily need Explode Shape Layers. Newton can do that for you. It will ask you to separate the layers after opening the scene for the first time.

Tutorial: Spinners & switch

Jason contacted us asking this:

“I’m creating a marble run scene using Newton 3 in AE. I’ve seen an example of what I’m after, but can’t seem to figure out how to make it nor can I find any assistance online for my problem. I want a marble to interact with ‘spinners’ as per the video link below : I’d also like the ‘marbles’ to interact with a ‘switch’ when they land. See video below:… Are these scenarios workable in Newton please? If so, how should I be setting these up? Please refer to the image attached as reference. Kind regards, Jason”

And here’s our answer… 🙂

I’ll show you how to quickly set up a simple simulation in Adobe After Effects, send it to Newton3, use fixed objects to only rotate switch and spinners, tweak your scene to have the best result.

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