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Create Physically Accurate Strings Using Newton

By Ran Ben Avraham

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create physically accurate ropes as we make use of the new “Joints” option in Newton 2. We will be testing out various physical parameters for different objects and we’ll solve the different problems that may pop up during the simulation. So fire up After Effects and let’s get started!


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Introduction to the New Features in Newton 2

By Ryan Boyle

This is an introduction to the new features of Newton 2. Newton is a 2D physics simulator that allows users to apply various simulations like gravity, collision, and bounce to their layers in After Effects. We’re going to work through a few scenarios to see how to set up and execute a simulation.


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Designed by Apple – Newton Tutorial

This tutorial by Lloyd Alvarez from aescripts shows how to use Newton to create the physics simulation sections of the “Designed by Apple” spot created by Buck.

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BattleBlock Theater Tutorial

By Derek Lieu

This tutorial covers a few basic techniques for using Newton which I learned while animating the cutscenes for the game BattleBlock Theater.

This tutorial covers:

-Creating masks to serve as “ball and socket” joints.
-Throwing objects in Newton using kinematic layers.
-Using masks to add physics simulations to overlapping layers.
-Basics for using joints in Newton 2

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Loose Cannon

A very short by Reid Per Fiskerstrand.
Just to try the new Newton plug-in from Motion Boutique.
Made in After Effects and Photoshop CS5.

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Pinball Simulation using Newton plugin for After Effects

Just a very quick test of the Newton plugin from Pinball machine knocked up quickly in Illustrator and pasted on to an After Effects layer. Motion of the ball generated entirely automatically by Newton. Flippers originally flipping away throughout via expressions, tweaked by hand afterwards to match the collisions.

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samadhi production

video production

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Newton + Particular Test 1

My first experiment using Trapcode Particular and the Newton physics engine for After Effects.

Check out Newton at

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Newton + Particular Test 2

My second experiment using Trapcode Particular and the Newton physics engine for After Effects.

Tweaked the particle settings a little and added some dynamic interaction.

Check out Newton at

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