ASCII Generator

Music “Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Dualtrax Chiptune Cover)” by dualtrax

This After Effects script allows you to transform the content of the selected text layers into ASCII art. Credits must go to Patrick Gillepsie who wrote the hard part with his implementation of the FIGfont spec in JavaScript.

You may want to take a look at all fonts provided by the script: ASCII Fonts Grid


Select at least one text layer
Choose an ASCII font
Click on Generate

Compatibility: CS5, CS6, and CC (and perhaps with older versions but not tested).

Quick Start Guide


You can grab a copy of ASCII GENERATOR on aescripts


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  • mooshmassacre

    I love it!

  • Yo Landa

    Cannot use it… how does it work? I onlye get weird small dots and lines…

  • Rafael Gustavo Rebonato Valle

    muito obrigado! demais!

    • Alexandre

      Olá Rafael, aqui no AE CS5 não funcionou, você poderia dar alguma dica para os mais leigos? Abraço.

  • EdEditz

    All I’m getting is lines with random stuff not resembling anything. I’m using CS6 on a high powered computer and I’ve been experimenting with this for almost an hour but I don’t get any results like in the video.

    • I’m having the same problems on both CS4 and CS5.

      • TheWarpedOne

        I think I figured it out. Change your line space to auto.

        • Didn’t work here.Still getting that “one liner”

  • TheWarpedOne

    I’ve just tried this on my mac and pc, both running CS6. It works beautifully on my mac, and doesn’t work the least bit on my PC.

  • Thank you for the update and most of all for the script! CS4 & CS5 both working perfectly.

  • Michael Tilson

    This is just brilliant! Thank you.

  • jnaiJ

    wow it makes life bight ☄

  • renz

    Can you make a tutorial on how did you animate the text like in the old video games? Anyways cheers for the great script! 😉 Thanks.

    • I just used the text animation presets of After Effects… 🙂

  • Paco

    amazing. And for free. Thanks a lot guys !