After Effects to CSS3

We have developed an experimental script that attempts to convert an After Effects composition into HTML/CSS3. Here is a simple example showing an image bouncing on the floor: Simple Demo (Firefox required). The script can handle more complex stuff like parenting, expression, and also supports 3D animation.

Update: See Biped Demo, Mars Rover Demo, and 3D Demo (Safari required).


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  • If you nail this for every major browser I’ll gladly pay for this. Looks so awesome…

  • John

    Very cool. Can’t wait.

  • Excellent!!! Keep up the good work! I’ll stay tuned here!

  • caio

    cool nice one!

  • Eero

    So… where’s the script?

  • Fxgil

    This would change the world as we know it 😛 Keep it up!

  • Thats great! Can’t wait!.

  • Imer Diaz

    WOW!! As a Web Developer/After Effects Artist at a advertising agency this script is a dream come true! Cant wait!!

  • Dan

    So is there a script for downloading?

  • Peter


  • seth benson

    For the record, your updated links work in the most recent build of Chrome too.

  • han

    Hi there! saw the demo’s and they are amazing! any news on when this plugin will be released? super keen and I’m sure people will be prepared to pay for it if it works !

  • That would be very impressive. We recently redesigned our website and used After Effects to design the 3D animation used on our home page. It was a long process to do that and then code it in. If you could simplify this by going straight from AE to CSS that would be incredible.

    P.S.: We wrote a blog post about the process that we went through to use AE to build the animation. The first part is here

  • Nico

    This looks amazing and it could become bigger than Newton. I hope you’ll release it soon.

  • David

    This. is. awesome. I need this as a motion graphics designer for my UI/UX clients! Is there still a plan to finish/release this script?

  • Rafael Folk

    This seems to be very interesting!

  • Khalid El Khouani

    Wauw, this looks amazing!! Could I try this script or is this not available yet? Would love to try this out!!

  • Jan

    Anything new on this script? This would bring a lot of possinilties for animated webicons and visuals for webprojects? Anything new here?

  • Roy

    The script is not available?

  • JP

    It’s been 2 years, why haven’t you at least put this out as a *very experimental might crash your system* alpha test?!

  • adam

    Very cool. When will this script become available?

    • Project is on hold for a year now.

      • Frustrated motion designer


  • Joe

    Hey guys, was there any progress on finishing this script? Exactly what I have been looking for if you did?

  • Alfred Burns

    Seriously is there anyway to get this? I would easily pay for it right this second.

  • mehdizou

    Perfect! I want to Perfect! I want to buy it!