3D Options

This After Effects script displays a palette that allows you to quickly modify the Geometry and Material options of the selected layers. If you want the panel to be dockable, place it into ScriptUI Panels folder.


  • Select some 3D layers.
  • Execute the script and modify parameters.

3D Options


24 thoughts on “3D Options”

  1. Works great here with CS6.

    The realtime feedback is something unexpected! Is this a new type of scripting?

    1. Nope, it seems to use onChange and onChanging allowing for realtime feedback. So it executes as soon as the value is changed.

  2. Not working on my CS6. “Run the script,” is there a step other than just opening the window?

        1. Hi Val, it was a big Duh! moment. I just needed to turn on the Ray-traced renderer.
          Now if we can just figure out why I can’t get the CuteSphere.jsx script to work in my CS6……..

  3. ne fonctionne pas sur CS6 j ai suivi toute les ├ętapes sans r├ęsultats je suis sous vista 64b
    AE CS6

  4. U have to change Rendered Mode to Ray-traced 3D in order for this to work. if u have in classic3D it will never work.

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