We provide efficient solutions to greatly enhance your After Effects workflow.

We have designed and developed custom scripts for a wide range of projects, including automation tools for production studios and tools helping artists in their daily work.
Each time you are faced to tedious, repetitive or complicated tasks in After Effects, do not hesitate to drop us a line.
We are very reactive, and we usually deliver the tool you need within few hours or days.

We also develop custom applications for live event, corporate, and production studios. This includes interactive applications, Kinect-based applications, graphics tools, general system tools,…

  • poker_pnia

    Poker 2

    Automation | CSV | Animation
  • pano360

    Pano 360

    Pano 360 (tamschick media+space, juillet 2014) We developed a script that creates a 360° panoramic view of the selected composition. The tool provides a panel with several options including the ability to specify the number of cameras in the rig, to create a fade in/out effect based on camera distance, and to turn Y auto-orient [...]
  • separate_silhouettes

    Separate Silhouettes

    Masks | SilhouetteFX | Colorization
  • delaunay_tracking_0


    Delaunay | Tracking | Openframeworks
  • decimate-445x360


    Optimization | Frame Differencing …
  • alioscopy


    Stereoscopy | 3D Display | Camera …
  • poker


    Automation | Text | Animation …
  • jawtracking


    Palette | Utilities | Tracking …
  • vagc


    3D | Export | C4D Bridge …
  • equireplay


    Automation | Montage | Render | FTP …
  • easyversioning-445x270


    Custom Palette | Worflow | Versioning …
  • batchcollectfiles


    Batch Process | Archiving …
  • coachguitar


    Automation | Montage | Animation | XML …