Connect Layers

This script connects the selected layers with segments or triangles created with shape layers.

It was originally created to visualize Newton2 joints but as you will see, it can do much more.


Creates a single shape layer with a path connecting the selected layers (2D only). Use AutoBezier or Tension options to get rounded joint style.


Spanning Tree

Computes minimum spanning tree and draws each edge with a shape layer (2D and 3D support).
cl_spanning tree


Triangulates the selected layers and draws each edge with a shape layer (2D and 3D support). If you want filled triangles (not just the edges), activate the Fill Triangles switch in the Options dialog. By default they will be filled with the same color, but you can also choose a source layer to colorize them.
cl_delaunay tricl_filled tri
 Note that for functions that create shape keyframes (Triangulation with Filled Triangles turned on, and Rope), keyframing is done within the comp work area.

Quick start guide


Compatibility: For AE CS6 or later

Current version:
1.08 – Initial release – May 2013


You can grab a copy of CONNECT LAYERS on aescripts

Note: Everything in the promo video has been done in After Effects CS6.


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  • sootywaro

    hello …. How r u? Pardon me plz…I don’t understand english very well… (but or) and I used your Plugin … It’s so beautyfull …my question is : newton 2 at yet can do this test that you put in here?

    • motion boutique

      sorry, I don’t really understand your question :)

    • René

      The rope example (ball against the wall) was done with Newton 2 (distance joints) and the Connect Layers script if I understood the question

  • kafrog

    ??? how ?

  • SKY

    This looks amazing, where and how can we get this script?

  • Hesus

    O M G!! ;)
    This look awesome!
    “very soon”??!!! WHEN!!??

    • motion boutique


      • Hesus

        I know:) I have been playing with it since yesterday:)
        Is great!
        One quick question, is there a way for closing rope?
        To make a bouncy ball:) I have a project file, I can send it for better understanding.

        • motion boutique

          We can add that option… Send that project!

          • Hesus

            Great! sending file..done!

  • nicolas l

    Thanks guys! awesome script…

  • hosenmahjob

    very thanks

  • René

    What a great script! Thank you!

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  • Mr.Popo

    thanks ^^

  • George Smyth

    Thanks guys

  • everettoptions

    This is awesome guys! Well done… Matthew Perks! Always a champion! :)

  • George Smyth

    Hi I’m getting this when attempting to fill triangles when using Triangulation:

    Error: After Effects error: Can not add a property with name “ADBE Point3D Control” to this PropertyGroup.

    I’m on AE CS5 without Newton. Cheers.

    • motion boutique

      Sorry, I just added that detail… Compatibility : For AE CS6 or later

      • George Smyth

        Ah okay cheers. To anyone reading this, the Rope, Tree and Triangulation modes work for the most part in CS5. Rope can be used without Newton, which can give you a closed loop version of Tree. The only issue being that it needs to generate keyframes, and they aren’t live connections like the Tree mode. Could be useful though…

  • Robinson Sampaio

    Thks soooooo much! Just in time for my new project!
    This script + newton is an amazing powerful tool, many, many possibilities.

  • Diogo

    Great script! Just curious about the 3D scenes in the video example. Where are they done? Cinema 4D? Or is everything done in AE? Thanks

    • motion boutique

      Everything is done inside AE CS6. Trackers are moved on the Z axis, so you’ll get that 3D mask feeling.

      • Diogo

        I don’t know if we are talking about the same video!! I’am refering to the initial teaser, not the video tutorial! The teaser seems something done in 3D space. The text and the ropes seem to have depth. If that’s all done in AE it looks amazing!

        • motion boutique

          Well, yes… all done in AE CS6 :)

          • Diogo

            Great stuff! You”ll have to show us that tutorial sometime!

          • motion boutique

            Just added a couple of images… ;)

          • Diogo

            Thanks for the images! Crazy stuff :)

  • mike d video

    any installation tips?…

  • mike

    does this only work with newton?…..or can I run it alone?

    • motion boutique

      You don’t need Newton, just look at the quick start guide. :)

  • miguel

    seems like a great script although the quick start guide includes a prebuilt scene built, any recommendations for a scene to use the script on?…. just curiose on the right way to use the script…

    • motion boutique

      any scene were you have to… connect layers?
      Just create some layers/nulls/shapes and fire the script… let your imagination do the rest

  • Vince

    Thanks very much! Great script.

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  • Pasha

    You are rock-n-rollas! Thanks for good job guys.

  • Nathalie87

    WOW this looks so amazing!!! Is there a (from scratch) tutorial how to make that awesome rope effect with the letters? Can I do it even if I never worked with Newton before? greetings!! :)

    • motion boutique

      Just follow the quick start guide, there’s a tutorial for that rope thing : ;)

      • Nathalie87

        Hi, thanks for the answer…unfortunately the quick start guide has already the finished newton animation and also does not show how the “ball” in newton can be replaced with the letter.

        • motion boutique

          The video explain how to this with a ball. You just have to use a letter instead of the circle! The video show how to set up the scene, for the letters it’s pretty much the same, you just have to do this with more objects.

  • Pion

    cant install the script.. not appearing on “run script file”
    help please :(

  • Nicolas Massart

    Bam !

  • stemersni

    not applicable for cs5?

    • motion boutique

      not everything will work in CS5.

  • seth benson


  • accademia di belle arti Palerm

    hello, get this message error,unable to execute script at line 115. uncaught exception image?? any guess?

    • motion boutique

      what’s your AE version?

      • accademia di belle arti Palerm

        5, it’s working now!

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    amazing guy ! Thank you so much !!!

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  • Nat Cate

    Hello, when I run the script file I can´t select ConnectLayers_1.08.jsxbin. i´m working with After Effects CS6, any guess??

  • Phoenician

    Hi, I guess it does not with AE CC !
    did try it but it does not show .

    • Tonio


      • motion boutique

        Connect layers has been tested successfully with CC 2014.
        Did you installed it correctly?

  • Phoenician

    ops sorry it is working with AE CC

  • jvalal

    Guess there’s no way to do rope w/o Newton? :(

    • motion boutique

      you’ll have to be a great animator :)

  • spigolo

    Just a question..I have to build a network of circles and lines, the plugin is perfect, but is it possible after having connected the layer to select again a couple of shape layers and call the script again to create a missing connection? When I try to do this I have an error (layers aligned?)

    • motion boutique

      Sure you can, but maybe you are using the triangulation function with only 2 layers…

  • Dave

    I installed version 1.08, got it to work with CS6 a few weeks ago. When I tried to access the script today, it is grayed out (unavailable). Any idea what’s wrong?

  • spigolo

    Is there a way to send the lines (triangle) behind the layers they connect so that I don’t see them over my layers but just behind? thx

  • Dilek

    I want to ask a question about 3D dots composition. I downloaded the project, I see that there are an amount layer and rotation layer. It didn’t work when I tried to do. Sorry but can you please tell me how to do that amount thing? My layers are 3d swell but the shapes and lines are not syncronized. Thanks!

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  • 許庭銘

    How can i do?@@ i cant fill triangle : (

    • motion boutique

      You need CS6/CC to do this!

  • Thorne

    Is there still a version somewhere that would work for CS5 ?

    • motion boutique

      Users report that CL works on CS5 but some features won’t work.

  • Mikkel

    This is really cool!!! But does anyone know why it offsets the triangles like this?

    • motion boutique

      Check the anchor points of the reference objects.

  • Lorna

    Trying to create a rope entirely in AE without the full Newton suite (unfortunately!) I see how you can create it in your tutorial using newton, but can you get a similar functionality within AE? If so, I’m awful at finding it/ working it out!

  • Phoenician

    well don’t know what happened but its working now in AE CC

  • lara

    Why can I not download it? the links seems to be dead :(

  • Gabriel

    why i can’t download this?

  • msigmon

    Unable to download any of your free scripts currently, getting 404 errors on them using two different browsers.

  • Y@nn
  • Rob

    Hey, i’m running the script with cc. my problem is, its creating the joint layers – but just not showing any connecting lines. i don’t get it.. :( moreover – when i click triangulation i get following message: “Error occured when triangulating selected layers (aligned layers?).”

    looking forward to your solutions! thanks guys!

  • Rob

    note: same problem with cs6…! :(

  • rob


    i don’t get it working in cc and cs6. :-/ running the
    script – showing joint layers – but no lines. when i click Triangulation
    i get following message:

    “error occured when triangulating selected layers (aligned layers?)”.

    looking forward for your help.
    thank you guys!

    • motion boutique

      you must be using shape layers with the exact same anchor point position or something similar…

  • Adam

    Rope seems to be working for me, but clicking tree and triangulation while a couple layers are selected does nothing. It used to work, but now it does not. Any tips?

    • Anderson

      Same here, rope works, but nothing else.

      • Anderson

        Found a solution. opened a new comp and brought my elements in, and it worked

  • Manuel

    How can i influence which line is drawn to which object in the triangulation calculation? Seems quite random? Does it have something to do with layer order? Layer number / name?

    • Manuel

      Found a solution in selecting smaller numbers of layers and making multiple triangulations and then deleting the unwanted shape layers. Thanks!

  • Walker Bell

    Is anyone having issues with SAVED SETTINGS not saving when you come back in? Thanks

  • chasterfield

    download button doesn’t work :(

  • Michael Velasquez

    UPDATE 2: I offset the positions of my layers from each other and I’m still getting inconsistent results. What am I doing wrong?

    UPDATE 1: Nevermind (I think). The answer is in the error; I used Gridder from aescripts to arrange my layers so they are all aligned so I’m guessing triangulate doesn’t work with aligned or evenly distributed layers.

    Hello, I’m trying to triangulate 30 or more 3D layers (they are solids right now as a placeholders, but will eventually be jpgs) but only a about a third of the layers are actually being triangulated. When I try to triangulate the layers that weren’t done the first time I get the error “Error occurred when triangulating selected layers (aligned layers?).” I saw an older comment where you responded that “you must be using shape layers with the exact same anchor point position or something similar…” I’m not using shape layers but instead solids and I want to use image layers. The layers that did get triangulated have differing anchor points so I’m confused by your answer.

    Is there a limit to the number of layers or types of layers you can triangulate? Thank you.

  • Dorus

    Great script, however I’m experiencing a problem. It worked the first time i used it, but now in when i try to connect for instance 3 shape layers with “tree”, the joint shape layers appear, but no lines (also when i increase stroke width). Also the “rope” button creates a layer but makes nothing visible. All shape layers have the same anchor point. What could be a solution? I already deleted script, rebooted, re installed script: no luck. Tried in both CC and CC 2014. Help would be greatly appreciated!

    • dorus

      Nevermind, each layer has to have a DIFFERENT anchor point instead of the same anchor point, now it works :)

  • Dorus

    Great script, however I’m experiencing a problem. It worked the first time i used it, but now in when i try to connect for instance 3 shape layers with “tree”, the joint shape layers appear, but no lines (also when i increase stroke width). Also the “rope” button creates a layer but makes nothing visible. All shape layers have the same anchor point. What could be a solution? I already deleted script, rebooted, re installed script: no luck. Tried in both CC and CC 2014. Help would be greatly appreciated!

  • nixon

    I cant get to send the lines behind both shapes, it´s not a matter of the order which I organize them in my timeline. I am trying with 3d of course and If I send the shapes to the front in the z axis then it works.

  • dylankmercer

    I’ve been using connect layers for a lot of network diagrams. Usually, the client wants to see the diagram ‘draw on’. Is there a way to quickly draw on all the joints seperately or simulateously without going in and adding and editing a Trim Paths to each separate Joint??
    I’ve tried copying all the joints to one shape layer and using one trim Paths to edit, but that doesn’t work.