• logo Newton21

    Newton 2.2 update

    We are happy to announce that we’ve updated Newton to version 2.2!
  • pastiche_running

    Pastiche: The Running Man

    By popular demand, here’s the Pastiche Running Man project.
  • LayerGenerator_sqr


    LayerGenerators is a collection of 3 tools for After Effects to automate the creation of layers.
  • strandbeest

    Strandbeest for After Effects

    James Hazael created a Strandbeest (amazing kinetic sculpture by Theo Jansen) using Newton2. James nicely provide the .aep and Newton2 settings! We really encourage you to follow the link and try his wonderful setup!   The original Strandbeest:
  • logo Newton2 2014

    Newton 2.1 update

    We are happy to announce that we’ve updated Newton to version 2.1!
  • 3Balloons-feature-445x445

    Tutorial : Balloons with Newton2

    In this example, I wanted to illustrate the “gravity scale” feature of Newton2 and also Connect Layers using balloons.
  • newton2-soft_bodies-feature

    Create Soft body using Newton2 and Connect Layers.

    Learn how to create soft body using Newton2 and Connect Layers.
  • cny14feature-445x445

    Breakdown : Landor Chinese New Year Card 2014

    Create soft bodies that react to a predefined animation using Newton2 and Connect Layers.
  • Let_s_be_amazing-445x445

    “Let’s be amazing” (Newton2) breakdown by Resolution Media

    The guys from Resolution Media show us how they used Newton2 for After Effects to create an amazing Rube Goldberg machine.
  • PARAVENT-feature-445x445


    Fold and unfold layer painlessly!
  • textbox_feature-445x445


    Easily add a perfect box on your text layer!
  • ASCIIGENERATOR_sqr-445x445

    ASCII Generator

    Transform the content of the text layers into ASCII art!!
  • Create_Gear_sqr-445x445

    Create Gear

    Gears are great shapes that can be used in various situations, but they are even better when you can animate them…
  • Designed_by_Apple_-_Newton_Tutorial-445x445

    Newton tutorial : Design by Apple

    Here’s a great tutorial that shows how to use Newton to create the physics simulation sections of the “Designed by Apple”
  • apple-newton-thumb-445x445

    Newton in “Design by Apple” video

    Surprise! Motion Boutique Newton has been uses extensively in this beautiful video “Design by Apple”…
  • cl_logo-square-445x445

    Connect Layers

    This script connects the selected layers with segments or triangles created with shape layers…
  • Aetuts_Preview_Newton_Element-445x445

    Tutorial : Faking Physics in After Effects with Newton and Element 3D

    In this tutorial, Adrian C. Koutz show us how to use Newton and Element 3D from Videocopilot…
  • 3dworld-445x445

    3D World reviews Newton 2

    3D World have just put online a review of Newton 2. “Offering updated functionality and stacks of potential, this system is absolute genius” , says Steve Jarratt…
  • battleblock-445x445

    Newton in BattleBlock Theater Cutscene.

    The Behemoth kindly post a very interesting article on how Derek Lieu used Motion Boutique Newton (version 1!!) in the cutscene of the game.
  • newton2rb-445x317

    Newton2 : Quick Start Guides (update)

    If you don’t know where to start with Newton, here’s some great tutorials…
  • ClothSimulation_Test1-445x400

    Cloth Simulation Test

    Cloth simulation test done with AE scripting and expressions…
  • textboundingbox-445x270

    Text Bounds Expresssion

    This After Effects expression allows you to determine the bounding box of a text layer…
  • newtoncradle1-445x445

    Newton’s Cradle

    Reuben on Twitter was “Gutted to find out that Newton won’t allow me to make a Newton’s Cradle!”
  • Collage1-445x445


    This After Effects allows you to create photobook-style arrangements of selected layers…
  • Happy-Birthday-Newton-on-Vi1-445x445

    Happy Birthday Newton!

    Our first product is now one year old! (warning, spoiler inside) Happy Birthday!!!
  • After-Effects-Character-Rigging-in-Newton1-445x445

    Newton : A really great tutorial

    Thanks to Ryan Boyle, here’s a great tutorial (Crash Dummy Character Rigging) using Newton…
  • createparticularlight1-445x445

    Linking layers to Trapcode Particular easily

    Using our CreateParticularLights script, you’ll be able to to create many lights at once that will work as emitters in Particular, Plexus…
  • BatchContentAwareFill1

    Content Aware Fill

    Quick experimentation attempting to use Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill feature on a video…
  • timer1-445x445


    This After Effects script creates a simple animated timer HH:MM:SS, with controllable speed and start…
  • ImagesWall1-445x445

    Images Wall

    This After Effects script distributes the contents of the selected folder on a grid…
  • CuteSphere1-445x445

    Cute Sphere

    This After Effects script creates shape layers and distributes them around a sphere.
  • AEtoCSS31-445x405

    After Effects to CSS3

    We have developed an experimental script that attempts to convert an After Effects composition into
  • carnaval-venitien-paris-5835521-445x360

    Pan & Zoom

    This script creates a pan and zoom slideshow (also known as the Ken Burns effect)…
  • Guilloche1-445x445

    Guilloché Mask

    Let’s have fun with this After Effects script that is a port of subBlue’s Guilloché
  • footageName1-445x445

    Footage Name

    This After Effects script creates a text layer with an expression that finds the name