Looming Land. Walwin the Grumpy Cyborg

“One day the day after tomorrow on the outskirts of Looming Land, a bit north of forsaken Saffron Wharf on the Lake of Million Drops, right above the dancing Hornpipe Forest, on the left of anomalous Aethereal Harrow on the edge of Infinite Dew Field, surrounded by snowbound ridge of Somersault Hills, there is ramshackle Droidbury Town, where our fourth lyrical hero suffers from his futility. His name is Walwin and he is the Grumpy Cyborg.” *

When the sand from the clock will be scatter,
Squeak on teeth, clog the eyes, stick to sole
(Everyone is afraid to become paranoid,
But not an android. What does it matter?)
Nobody wants to know him in this town –
Grumpy Cyborg is scented and tall.

He’s made of scrap-metal, ice-cold and too rusty,
With chronic CPU ache and engine oil loss,
(He was born in the basement of Cyberdyne Systems
Maybe that’s why he’s spiteful and overly nasty?)
With limescale on the heart and bare wires in brain
Walwin likes teasing bugs in his OS.

What’s his mission, location and serial number?
He’s the last one who left here – machine vs man.
(Amongst dull stuffy boxes of haunted grey houses,
Cyborg’s wandering slowly in digital slumber).
Who will come in a dream when he goes to standby –
Ninja Turtles, Transformers or Peter Pan?

He would live nearly age or about forever,
At least while blue sparks feed cheap Chinese chips.
(Everyone got the trembling light in a troubled mind,
But to keep it you should to endeavor).
Now please let him rest. Turn him off! Where’s his button?
Walwin always likes twilight and adores an eclipse.

* This is just early bird short introduction of the fourth hero of my upcoming interactive book for iPad. It’s gonna be the original story called ‘Looming Land’ and it’s about four reserved friends who decided to change everything in their lives one day with a little help from the fifth one. Meet them all in the App Store soon. I hope this finds you well.

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