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Newton2 : Quick Start Guides (update)

If you don’t know where to start with Newton 2, here’s a great first tutorial.
You might also want to check our tutorial page.

This will show you the very basic of how to work with Newton as well as an overview of the advanced features.

-quick start
-more advanced feature
-Using convex hull
-Distance joints
-Pivot joints
-Spring joints
-Piston joints

You might also want to check another introduction by Ryan Boyle

Go to to watch the free tutorial and download the demo scenes!


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Happy Birthday Newton!

Our first product is now one year old!

(warning, spoiler inside)

Happy Birthday!!!

(and now, time for a summer break…)


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Linking layers to Trapcode Particular easily

In this tutorial, you will see how to create many lights at once that will work as emitters in Particular (and other plugins like Plexus…) using our CreateParticularLights script.


22/05/2014: v1.2 Hide and shy source layers added.
20/05/2014: v1.1 Script has been to support shape layers.
02/10/2013: Script has been updated!

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